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The following testimonials were given by patients of Dr. Mike:


"He's a very caring doctor. He gets right to the heart of the problem and he is very thorough. I regained my vision 6-8 months after my stroke. Dr. Mike treated me with chelation therapy 3 times a week. He also treated my low thyroid which seemed to even out my blood pressure and that's when I started to regain my sight."

- interview with Irene S., Sunday, June 6, 2010 via phone



"...with his years in naturopathic medicine, and his understanding of nutrition, he has been a great help to me. And I am off all pharmaceuticals. Fighting Chron's disease for 25 years, it's a long, slow process of getting better and the disease is being put into remission. In my last colonoscopy, the lesions in my colon do not exist anymore."

-interview with John O., Sunday June 6, 2010 via phone



"My name is Nella and I am a wife and mother of two lovely girls. Just last October 2009 I came down with very unusual symptoms. A severe stomach cramp that eventually lead to my body turning upside down. I never felt close to death like I did during this time. I had burning sensations under my skin, vomit and diarrhea with even just a small bite of anything. My eyes were drawn. I become pale and dehydrated, my throat began to swell and with this I had stopped eating completely. It was as though I had no control over my own body. Something was wrong and no one was able to help me. I had seen specialists, allergists, Emergency Room Physicians, other referrals from other doctors, you name it I was trying it all. I almost gave up. I found myself crying in bed and decided that it was time to prepare for the worst! I was dying inside and no one understood. I lost 20lbs in just two weeks and all I was told was that I had severe Acid Reflux. My mom had been seeing Dr. Mike for her own physical problems and put me onto his amazing services. Dr. Mike instantly figured out what was happening to me and had put me on a two week comprehensive treatment to treat a bacteria that had invaded my body! I would never have guessed it. My case was surely a story for the popular show "Mystery Diagnoses." I thank God for sending Dr. Mike to my rescue. I need to give credit where credit is due and this type of Doctor is surely hard to find these days."

-Email from Nella, Thursday July 8, 2010



"I was diagnosed in 2004 with Congestive Heart Failure. Dr. Loquasto treated me with supplementation and chelation therapy. I feel he saved my life."

- interview with Shirley A., Summer 2010 via phone



"He is my miracle worker. I never had to have surgery because of Dr. Mike."

- interview with Elba A., August 11, 2010 via phone


"Dr. Mike has a gift as a health practitioner--he cares beyond the call of duty. He will fight for your health and best quality of life possible. I was diagnosed with lyme disease and after a few weeks on antibiotics through another doctor, I went to see Dr. Mike. He suggested a protocol of supplements which he felt would help to strengthen my immune system. I have a pre-existing thyroid condition. I can say that Dr. Mike has helped me to understand the importance of strengthening the immune system and as a result I feel more in control of my health and quality of life. I will always be thankful for his wealth of knowledge."

- Interview with Linda K., April 2012



Question: How has Dr. Mike changed your quality of life and health?

"Yes, I was in the hospital for one week and could not talk! After one visit with Dr. Mike adjusting me, I could talk again and that is a miracle!"

- Written Testimonial by Rose R., Dingman's Ferry, PA, June 13, 2013

formulationsDr. Michael Jude Loquasto






To my friends, Dr. Mike and Shirley,

Words cannot express my sincere deepest thanks to both of you for helping me change my life from utter despair to a renewal of hope for the future. When other doctors said there was no help for my condition, you worked with me to prove them wrong.

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can't keep it from themselves. Thanks for everything.

All the best to you!

- Joe C.


Dear Dr. Mike,

Something happened to me last July that would not have happened if it weren't for you. I celebrated my 82nd birthday on July 12th! Even though we are far away, I think of you often. Thank you so much!
- Fran & Betty F., Dec. 2010


Dear Dr. Mike,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your advice and care to my dear cat Tasha this year. He truly improved and had a better quality of life under your care, and I am so grateful to have had several good months of him feeling much perkier before his passing shortly after Christmas. Tasha and I always enjoyed our visits to your office, and he always felt better after!

Many thanks again for everything. I will definitely keep in touch.
- God Bless, Melessa R., Jan. 2012

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